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Sustainable Design Practices - A crucial aspect of B Design

The aspect of design is central to several things we use, experience and interact with in our daily lives. Products, appliances, applications on mobiles and devices etc. Over time there has been a large emphasis on design with a focus on aesthetics, functionality and experience. The other key component is sustainable design - considering the volume of products and applications being designed and consumed over the years.

Dayananda Sagar University, one of India’s most reputed names in quality education across disciplines, offers Bachelor’s in Design (B. Design), a four year, full-time degree program that equips students with the skills and knowledge required to become professional designers. Students will be imparted with expertise in various aspects of design - optimized manufacturing, ease of servicing, functionality, installation, intuitive usage in the case of app interfaces and so on. Students will be given a clear understanding of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, AR and VR, Additive Manufacturing etc. in their approach to designing solutions to address current challenges.

When it comes to the aspect of sustainability in design, the aspects covered include optimisation of the site, energy consumption and waste management, usage of environmentally friendly products, water conservation, minimizing air pollution, operational and maintenance practices and the creation of healthy and productive environments.

B. Design Degree Program is a four year, full time degree program, comprehensively designed and delivered by experienced and qualified faculty with the curriculum designed under the guidance of experts from IISc, IITs and industry.

Bachelor’s of Design Specializations include - Product Design, User Experience Design, Animation and VFX & Game Design. Students will gain knowledge in product design using CAD, 3D printing, Ergonomics, User Experience, Usability, Usability Testing Studies, VR, Animation and VFX, Game Programming and more.

Successful graduates of B. Design program can pursue careers in product design including toys, electronic appliances, consumables and products such as mobile phones, chargers, laptops, other appliances and furniture. They can also pursue promising careers in the app development space in UI design, experience assessment and in the entertainment industry in animation and visual effects.

With the number of devices and appliances increasing and more and more people using these products and solutions due to better manufacturing processes and competitive costs, the demand for qualified designers is global and growing.

Embrace the future of design with DSU's (Dayananda Sagar University) B. Design program, where innovation meets sustainability to shape a better tomorrow. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards becoming a proficient designer.