Dr. Santosh Choudhari

Assistant Professor

Dr. Santosh Choudhari did his Ph.D . from Centre of Excellence in Polymer Science, Karnataka University Dharwad in the year 2010 and soon after that he joined as a Research Professor in Energy and Environment Fusion Technology Centre (E2FTC), Myongji University, South Korea, where he worked on the synthesis and separation of butanol based bio-fuels. In the year 2012 he moved to Ireland and joined Trinity College, Dublin, as a Postdoctoral Researcher where he worked on the synthesis and separation of different kinds of biochemicals and and also on the synthesis of bio plastics. In January 2014 he joined University College Dublin (UCD) as a Postdoctoral Researcher and worked until April 2016, where he worked on the development of antibacterial membranes for water purification applications.

From July 2016 he is working as Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Department of Dayanand Sagar University. He has published his research findings in several international peer reviewed journals and also presented research findings in number of national and international conferences. He received Young Scientist award in the year 2006 and 2007 from Indian Chemical Society Kolkata for his excellence in research work. He received JRF fellowship from UGC under meritorious category during his Ph.D. He also received Innovation Award from Trinity College Dublin for filing a patent on his research findings. His research interest revolves around polymers nano-composites, nanotechnology, membrane separation, bio-fuels, bio-plastics etc.


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