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Parents - Faculty Meet on 10/12/2022

10th December 2022

The Department of Aerospace Engineering organised parent faculty meet on 10/12/2022.An interaction session with parents and faculties in order to discuss about the performance, discipline of their respective son/daughter.

The chairman from the department explained about the placements, laboratories, club activities and the teaching method followed by the department to enrich and promote students learning abilities. The response from parents was overwhelming and the session went for 3 hours and parents were asked to fill the feedback forms at the end of the meeting.

Donations from the department

14th November 2022

On 14th Nov 2022 on the occasion of Children's day department of aerospace engineering and Rotaract HSR offered donations to orphanage students near Augodi police quarters Boys hostel near Koramangala Bangalore. The Department faculties and students fulfilled the hostel requirement for a day by providing provisional items like rice bag, flour and other things which includes books and other stationary requirements.

A special thanks to Mr.Ankush from Rotaract HSR, Rutuja, Sufiya from V semester, our beloved chairman Dr.BVN Raman kumar, Prof. Sripad, Prof Kartik, Mr.Harish KL, student coordinators: Shreenidhi, Rohith, Sunil, Shankar ,David and ganesh from 7th semester and Nischal,Suchith from V semester for their execution for the completion of this event.

Hackathon organised by Dept. of Aerospace Engg, Alatus club on 16-17 Nov 2022,powered by Autodesk

23rd November 2022

Dayananda Sagar University, School of Engineering, Department of Aerospace Engineering, organized a Design Hackathon powered by Autodesk on November 16–17, 2022. A hackathon is an event where students are engaged in collaborative engineering activities over a short period of time. In this regard, various colleges from different disciplines enrolled for this hackathon, which included MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS), BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE), Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT), Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), the Oxford College of Engineering, and Dayananda Sagar University.

The problem statement was “Bio-inspired mechanical pickup device for airborne vehicle,” and the participants were expected to design their own prototype and carry out simulation using Autodesk Fusion 360 software. Around 70 teams registered from different colleges and DSU, out of which 65 teams, each consisting of a minimum of 1 participant and at most 3 participants, competed with each other for the given problem statement, after which a preliminary shortlisting of teams was conducted and 15 teams out of a total of 65, were selected for final presentation. These 15 teams presented their designs to the judges, and the top 3 teams were announced as the winners along with consolation prizes.

The members are Mr. Jason Joseph D’Silva and Nischay BK. The second prize was bagged by A. U. Nachiketh, Ruturaj Jadhav, and Alqma Khatib from MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS). The third prize was awarded to Vivek Vijayan, Ujjual Rajeev, and Nithath C from Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF)


23rd November 2022

The Department of Aerospace Engineering organized an industrial visit to ISRO Sriharikota on 23/11/2022 on the occasion LMV 3 (Launch Vehicle Mark-3) previously referred as (GSLVMk3) spacecraft launch at 12:07AM on 23/10/22.In this regard the students from Final year and pre final year actively participated in this event, Prof Kartik S Tandel, Prof Sripad Kulkarni S, Mr.Harish KL accompanied the students and made the visit successful.

This ISRO shar visit was arranged from the department to have glimpses on the spacecraft launch. This was the very first event held in the department which involved a one day trip to Sriharikota representing Dayananda Sagar University.

The students witnessed the proper launch and how the spacecraft reached orbit. It was a nice experience and students got a feel how the space technologies played a prominent role and the effectiveness in the successful launch.

Space Week Celebrations

4th to 10th October 2022

The Alatus club from Department of Aerospace Engineering organized a celebration for the World Space Week on the theme of “Space and Sustainability” from October 4th to 10th, 2022. In order to create awareness and excitement among students and faculties each day of the week was dedicated to different topic related to theme. The first day was dedicated on the reason behind celebration of space week, day two was more inclined to the first human made earth satellite Sputnik 1, day three was all about evolution in space and different kinds of space missions, day four was a discussion on all the space agencies, day five gave an allusion about trends in space technology whereas, days six and seven were completely dedicated to sustainability, explorations and future career in space. The Alatus club also organized fun events including Origami competition, Rocket modelling, Poster making, Quiz and Treasure hunt during the week in which the students actively participated.

Apart from all the events that took place there was a main attraction for the space week, The Space Planetarium, it was dome shaped which was built by the students using recycled materials. A half dome mirror and projector were used to showcase a video about space overview involving solar systems and different kinds of constellations. All students and faculties of all the departments were invited to be a part of the space week celebration and it was a huge success due to the constant support given by all faculties especially Prof. Sripad Kulkarni S and Prof. Kartik who helped the students from the Alatus club for the smooth conduction of the event.


6th August 2019

The Inaugural function of the Department of Aerospace Engineering began with a technical talk and Drone session in order to facilitate the interests of students. It was a talk given by two reputed guests Dr. S. Rajagopal an Outstanding Scientist of grade “G” and Project Director (Aircraft), Aeronautical Development Establishment, Bangalore and Mr. Shivakumar H G, Multiplex Drone Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. The preliminary inaugural function featured the welcoming of the guests by Dr. B V N Ramakumar Chairman- Dept. of Aerospace Engineering followed by a short addressing by Dr. Shankapal S R Pro- Vice Chancellor, DSU.

Immediately after the inaugural event, the chief guest got to stand and expressed his journey in becoming the Project Director of the upcoming trends and developments of UAV, he also expressed the challenges faced by him and his team in building MALE (Mid Altitude Long Endurance) UAV with the prime testing area at Aravoo Kaval in Challakere Taluk of Chitradurga district. Challakere ATR is intended to conduct the trials of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), air-to-ground weapons, parachutes, and aerostats. He took us on a journey, from the inception of MALE and HALE UAVs to its final test at Challakere test facility. The students were intrigued by the sheer amount of problems put forward by the orator that was faced by the team in building different kinds of UAV. Being a scientist from NAL, he gave an in-depth detail of the difference in design and modeling of various kinds of its type.

After an informative talk on UAV Dr. Srinivas, Dean Engineering, DSU took over and encouraged the students to participate in various activities and research. The guest of honor shared his knowledge and his ideas with the students on what made him to take up the challenge of building an agricultural drone with which he shaped up his career.

Mr. Shivakumar did his MSC in Mechanical Engineering from Linkoping University, Sweden. He gave cursory information of the different agricultural drones and its design aspects. He also gave an insight of what made him to shift his gears from being an Assistant Professor to the chief of operations and Technical aspects at Multiplex Drone pvt. Ltd. Followed by a tea break he show cased his skills by demonstrating his agricultural drone to the students. At the bottom line, he unravelled to the unquestioned story behind the building of an agricultural drone


10th & 11th August 2019

A 2-day workshop was organized by the Department of Aerospace Engineering, DSU on Design and Fabrication of Gliders. The workshop was inaugurated on the 10th of August 2019 and followed up till the next day

The event started with a formal introduction on “ALATUS” (Aero club) by Dr. B V N Ramakumar, chairman – Aerospace Engineering, He then gave an insight of the activities to be conducted by the club which fascinated the students to join the participate in more events The workshop witnessed an esteemed guest Mr. Sashidar, Design Engineer, Quest Global to enrich the knowledge on flying machines.

The first day of the workshop kick-started by a technical session on basics of Aircrafts and other flying machines, where the lead took the students to an interesting journey on the history of aircrafts and the struggles faced during the early stages. He also spoke about the basic theory behind the flying natures of vehicles, where questions were triggered off both by gathering and the guest.

Later on, the same day students were asked to draw the basic drawings on the wing structure and other parts of gliders using aspect ratio and other parameters required for design which later modified on requirements. Over the guidance of the guest, students were able to design their gliders.

The 2nd day of the workshop saw the complete fabrication of gliders where the faculty members too joined the club to develop their own gliders. It all ended up on a flying note where all the gliders took off from its creators’ hands. Around 40 gliders made using balsa wood fought to prove its beauty in air out of which three bagged the prizes for best looking glider by Dishana of 3rd sem, best design by Yaseer Mohammed of 3rd sem and best performing glider by Tahi Bhutan of 1st sem were later facilitated by the Chairman -DSU.



24th August 2019

An inspirational talk and demonstration on the journey of emerging areas of drones and its application was organized by ALATUS (Aerospace club, DSU) on 24th August 2019. A Total of around 60 students from all the departments of the college gathered hear it from the greats. Chairman -Aerospace Engineering introduced the guests to the students. The function was honoured by 4 dignitaries of different domains joined together by the flying beauty of drones.

It all then ignited by Mr. Sandesh, Navanidhi High Centrix 5 Pvt Ltd. With his self-introduction he took the whole crowd to visualize his own memories and the career he came through, inspired many. He shared his experiences on his associations with market leaders like Airbus, Mitsubishi, etc. With the time limitations he then started an interactive session with the students on drone technology, its aims and applications. He also briefed about his start up, its project conceptualization, and development. His experience during floods over the regions of Shivamoga made everyone to understand the importance of drones.

Later Mr. Nandish an Ex- Employee of (Mercedes, Audi, Mahindra) took the charge and lead the gathering towards the steep lean of automobile industries due to the introduction of Electrical Vehicles

Mr. Faiz Habeeb, Alumni DSI, Honeywell Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd expressed his journey towards drone technology. He also intrigued the students on what made him to chose his passion, as well as he shared his joyous experience on his team’s participations of various competitions.

The most awaited moment was declared where three different drones were set in to action by the trained pilots Mr. Varun and Mr. Faiz Habeeb. Students and faculties of other departments actively involved in knowing about the flying nature.


12th October 2019

The Mission of the ALATUS (Aerospace club) is also to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times all forms of humanitarian activities so that environmental disaster and human suffering can be minimized and even prevented and thus contribute to creating more congenial climate for peace. Alatus conducted a one-day awareness camp on 12th October 2019 which addressed about the reimbursement by nature through plantation of trees and health benefits through yoga at Pyramid Valley for the students of Aerospace department

The samplings were provided by NAL where faculties and students actively participated in plantation activities from 10 am till noon, followed by a meditation class where students were detailed about the health benefits through meditation. Students and faculties meditated under Pyramid doom which lasted about 45 minutes.

Lunch was provided by the pyramid valley management, where the faculties contributed a sum of Rs 2000 towards Nitya Annadana seva.


26th October 2019

On 26th October 2019 Department of Aerospace Engineering organized a parent- faculty meet. Parents were invited for an interaction with the faculties in order to discuss about performance, activities, discipline of their respective son/daughter. The response from the parents was overwhelming, where the session took place around 4 hours.

Later the Chairman accompanied by other faculties explained about the various technologies and ICT methods followed by the department to enrich and promote the students learning abilities. Parents were also taken to different well-established laboratories where the students were asked to explain their parents about the same.

Parents were then asked to fill the Feedback forms towards the end of the meeting, where the same was then processed by the chairman.


30th October 2019

Dr. Ramakumar, Charmian- Department of Aerospace Engineering, DSU invited a team of expertise panelling Dr. C D Balaji, Dr. Sudarshan Prasad, Dr. Badri Narayana and Mr. Natraj from VTU COE for discussion and review on course contents, delivery plan & delivery structure of various laboratories established at DSU on 30th October 2019.

Dr. Shankapal, Pro Vice Chancellor, DSU welcomed the experts and the explained the procedure followed by DSU in collaboration with DASULT systems and DCS. Brief introduction on department labs was delivered by the Chairman – AE. Team put forwarded their ideas on course contents and the necessary actions to be taken on the delivery plan for the same. Mr. Ravi representative of DCS elaborated his views on the labs to be established in the forthcoming semester.

The team post lunch visited the labs and expressed their comments on the various equipment at each laboratory they also shared their knowledge in their respective domains which provided a good insight on different experiments carried out.


12th, 13th, 14th of November 2019

In accordance with DSU talent search program, Department of Aerospace Engineering organized three day (12th, 13th, 14th of November2019) technical and practical session on glider making and origami fun activities. Prof Surya Narayana welcomed the students of different grades (comprising 8th to 12th standards) from various schools and colleges in around Bengaluru. He later reformed his welcome note to an interesting journey of history of aircrafts. He also described the current scenario of development of aircraft industries in India.

Post lunch session was taken over by Prof Srinath Ramakrishnan, who expressed his views on biomimicking concepts through which the various technologies used in aircraft industries were explained to the students. The technical session was screened off with a short interactive session with the students. Prof Shuba Javagal later entertained the students with Origami activities, where students actively took part and made different models of aircraft.

On the second day students were asked to draw the basic drawings on the wing structure and other parts of gliders using aspect ratio and other parameters required for design which later modified on requirements. Under the guidance of the Prof Kartik S Tandel and Volunteers, students were able to design their gliders.

The 3rd day of the workshop saw the complete fabrication of gliders. It all ended up on flying note where all the gliders took off from its creators’ hands. Prizes and certificates were given to students who outspanned their opponents with their design capabilities.


16th November 2019

Project based learning activity was carried out by 3rd semester students under the guidance of Dr. Ramakumar as a part of their thermodynamics course work. Students grouped themselves in 4 per batch and actively developed their models based on the different aspects of Thermodynamics

The activity was held at RC club room of Aerospace Department on 16th November 2019. Models were then tested and evaluated based on the design and working aspects by the Chairman- Dept. of Aerospace Engineering. This provided the better insight on the course where the laws and theorem of thermodynamics were put in to the practical application.


25th January 2020

ALATUS (The Aerospace club) organized a seminar on wind tunnel testing and its facilities delivered by the tunnel’s own man from Canada  Dr. Gary Elfstrom” Vice President, Aiolos Engineering Corp, Toronto. Adjunct Prof. Ontario Tech University, Oshawa. Elfstrom obtained his PhD from Imperial College on a topic of hypersonic gun tunnel: commissioned. His post-doctoral fellowship focused on the areas of research UTSI Transonic blow down wind tunnel. During a long tenure of his career he designed and commissioned NRC Trisonic blow down wind tunnel, fee for service testing, test technique development, DSMA foreign users trained VTI (Serbia), Trisonic blow down wind tunnel, commissioned, users trained. He promoted himself to become an entrepreneur by Setting up the aero and thermal test business. He currently serves as a Mentor, guiding the students in real world vehicle aerodynamics.

Dr. Elfstrom shared his bundle of knowledge speaking about the need of aerospace, automotive and other wind tunnels. He shared his ideas behind the historical build-up, demise and resurgence of wind tunnels he also stressed out the impact of computational methods and need and use of wind tunnels. He gave a glimpse on the Wind Tunnel Business, Canadian Success StoryGenesis and DSMA Rebirth. Being the Co-founder of a company Aiolo, Dr. Gary opened up about the hurdles he came through on its way.



Open Day 2020 @ IISc, Bangalore on 29th Feb 2020

Aerospace Club and Department of Aerospace Engineering arranged a visit to IISc on 29th Feb to witness Open Day celebrations. A total of 50 members comprising students and faculty of DSU participated in this visit. Students got a unique opportunity to explore live experiments, demos, workshops, seminars, quiz programs, exhibitions and laboratories present in IISc. They got to know the some idea on latest research happening in various disciplines and engineering and also got opportunity to meet some distinguished professors and research scholars. Students got motivated with the experience and identified some projects which can be taken as their mini projects.



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