Computer Science & Technology (CST) programme teaches its students skills in two areas.

  • Software Automation Tools
  • Deployable Intelligent Applications

The curriculum equips students to deliver new ideas quickly by focussing on

  • computing frameworks in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by adding additional user-written code
  • shortening software development life cycle without compromising on speed, quality, and reliability of the software deployment process
  • working collaboratively in small teams with the enterprise community to deliver intelligent applications that will run and scale efficiently

This is one of its kind programme with two tracks

  • Innovation & Intrapreneurship
  • Technology Entrepreneurship

Both the tracks emphasize on adoption of programmable software development, workflow automation, container orchestrators to monitor software, continuous integration to deliver (CI/CD) pipelines and infrastructure deployment.

The goal of CST programme is to train qualified individuals who will

  • create intelligent systems
  • develop and administer websites and networks
  • enhance existing software

Innovation & Intrapreneurship Track is for you if –

  • You are good at introducing new ideas, inspiring creativity, leading & motivating those around you
  • You take proactive steps to improve your work and meet targets to produce great results

Technology Entrepreneurship Track is for you if -

  • You are technology savvy, dynamic and take unexplored technological paths
  • You are passionate about your work and explore challenges
  • You prefer a personalized learning path with courses tailored to envision products and make them a reality

CST Dept.’s curriculum is tailored such that you get hands-on project-based learning exposure to innovative intrapreneurial/technology entrepreneurial skills during your four years journey at DSU.

Due to the unique program structure, CST graduates will be prepared to address the complexities of real-world technology issues, and to adapt to future developments in this fast-paced and dynamic world.  As a result, CST Programme is best suited for you if you want to graduate with a placement offer (or) pursue higher education and setup a start-up.

CST         =        CSE (~48%)

                                                           + Technology Frameworks (`~30%)

                                                                               + Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship (~22%)


Semester Technology Electives
STREAM - Information and Communication Technology STREAM - Immersive Technology STREAM - Distributed Ledger Technology STREAM - Internet of Things Tools & Technologies
V Data Driven Decision Making Creative Coding Cryptography & Cyber Security Applications of IoT Technology Stack
VI Applications of Machine Learning Human Computer Interaction Cloud/IoT Security Services Robotic Process Automation
VII Big Data Analytics & Deep Learning Virtual Reality & Game-Theoretic Simulation Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Edge Computing with IoT
VIII Artificial Intelligence as a Service Augmented & Mixed Reality Quantum Cryptography Industrial Internet of Things
Potential Job Roles Data Analyst/Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Business Analyst UX Design Architect, Digital Experience Manager, Game Designer, Enterprise Design Strategist Security Architect, Forensic Computer Analyst, Blockchain Developer/Engineer, Cloud Security Architect IoT Developer, IoT Architect, Industrial Engineer, Embedded Programs Engineer
Potential Higher Education Area(s) Data Science/Artificial Intelligence/Management Information Systems User Experience Design/Virtual & Augmented Reality/Game Design & Development Cyber Security/Blockchain Technology Embedded Systems/Internet of Things
Innovation & Intrapreneurship [Focus on one or more types over the span of two years] Technology Entrepreneurship (Personalized Learning Track) [Focus on only one type over the span of two years]



The Main Campus:

  • Campus 1: Dayananda Sagar University
  • 6th Floor, Dental Block, Shavige Malleshwara Hills, Kumaraswamy layout,
    Bangalore-560 111, India.
  • Schools at Campus 1:
    School of Commerce & Management Studies (B.Com - ACCA,CMA,CA | BBA, BBA - BFSI),
    Basic & Applied Sciences (B.Sc. | M.Sc),
  • Health Sciences (Physiotherapy - BPT | MPT | Pharmacy - B.Pharm, Pharma.D, M.Pharma | Nursing - B.Sc., PB B.Sc. | M.Sc.),
    Arts & Humanities(BA (Hons.) in Journalism) .
  • Office of Admissions: +91 80 4646 1800

  • Campus 3: Dayananda Sagar University
  • Innovation Campus, Hosur Main Road, Kudlu Gate, Bangalore-560 114, Karnataka, India.
  • Schools at Campus 3:
    School of Engineering (B.Tech. | M.Tech.| BCA),
    Department of MBA ( MBA )
  • Office of Registrar: +91 80 4909 2910 / 11
    Office of Dean (School of Engineering): +91 80 4909 2986 / 32 / 33
    Dean - MBA: +91 80 4909 2931
    Research Cell: +91 80 4909 2912 / +91 97390 17462
    Office of Admissions: +91 80 4909 2924 / 25
    Fax : +91 80 4220 1997
  • E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]