B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering

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B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers are involved with just about every engineered product that we use in today's world – transportation systems, electronics and computers, energy systems, bio-medical devices, robots, and much more.


The Department strives to achieve the highest quality in education and make a distinctive contribution to society. Our Courses are supported and enabled by highly experienced staff, state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources. Through our strong industry connections and leadership, we provide opportunities for every student to achieve success on their own terms.

The under graduate programs are designed to train the students in basics and fundamentals of mechanical engineering and comprehend the adaptability, understanding the associated aspects of emerging areas of technology and applications. The under graduate curriculum in Mechanical Engineering covers the fundamental aspects of the field. It emphasizes basic principles, choice based department electives and institutional elective in theinterdisciplinary area. The curriculum lays emphasis on educating the student in the use of these principles to reach optimal solutions to the engineering problems. The curriculum stresses on experiential learning, laboratory work, projects, and ethical practices.

First year curriculum covers applied science, basic engineering fields. Emphasis is laid on communication skills and social responsibility. Second year lays the foundation of Mechanical engineering core subjects: Kinematics of Machines, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, Fluid Machinery, Manufacturing Technology, Machine Design. Third year program leverages the student to diversify with choice based department electives. It leverages the student in Design, Heat Transfer, Dynamics, and Analysis. The final year helps to assimilate Control and Optimization aspects. Seminar, mini project, project will make the student to integrate the knowledge gained to technical presentation and product realization.