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    Sl. No Name of the Student with USN Guide Co-Guide Title of the Work Status
    1 Mrs. Kavya HM(ENG16PPME01) Dr. Saravana Bavan D Dr. B.Yogesha, MCE-Hassan Experimental Investigation on Extrusion Behaviour ofCarbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites Course work completed
    2 Mr. MurgayaS.Basavanakattimath(ENG16PPME02) Dr. Saravana Bavan D Dr. H. N. Suresh, DSCE, Bangalore Design & optimization of a reliable rotor system using axis symmetric method Course work & Comprehensive Viva voce-Completed 17/02/2020
    3 Mr. Vijay Tambrallimath(ENG16PPME03) Dr. Saravana Bavan D Dr. R. Keshavamurthy, DSCE, Bangalore Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of graphene filled PC-ABS based nano composite developed by fused deposition modeling Course work & Comprehensive Viva voce-Completed 29/01/2020
    4 Mr. Abhilash O(ENGl6PPMEO4) Dr.Vinayak B Hemadri Dr. Mritynajayaswamy K M, DSU Production of biodiesel, performance analysis and emission testing for C I Engine application Course work completed
    5 Mr. Anil M D(ENGl6PPMEO5) Dr. Vinayak BHemadri Dr. Mrityunjayaswamy K M, DSU Study of Water in diesel emulsification on performance and emission. Course work completed
    6 Mr. Harisha S(ENG16PPME06) Dr. Saravana Bavan D Dr. Sreenivasa Rao Amaraneni, DSU Mechanical properties and Finite element analysis work on the 3-D printed biopolymers for tissue engineering applications Course work completed
    7 Mr. Hareesha M(ENG17PPME01) Dr. Saravana Bavan D Dr. B.Yogesha, MCE-Hassan A Study on Mechanical , Thermal and Electrical Properties on Graphene Nanoplatelets Reinforced Epoxy Polymers for Composite Applications Course work completed
    8 Ms. Kotaru Sudha Deepthi(ENG17PPME02) Dr.M.S.Rajagopal Dr. Balamurugan, NAL, Bangalore Investigation on aerospace hydraulic systems Course work completed
    9 Mrs. Ranjitha.P(ENG17PPME03) Dr.M.S.Rajagopal Dr. B.S. Ajay Kumar, KSIT, Bangalore Study on performance characteristics of deep cryo treated AlSiCB4C composites during machining process Course work completed
    10 Mr. Yogesh B (ENG17PPME04) Dr. Mrityunjayaswamy K M Dr. Vinayak B. Hemadri, DSU Performance Analysis of Bio Gasifier Course work Completed
    11 Mr. Naveen Kumar(ENG18PPME01) Dr.M.S.Rajagopal Dr. C. Ranganayaklu, ADA Development of colburn factor J and fanning friction factor correlations for louvered fin compact heat exchanger Course work Completed
    12 Mr. Madhu G (ENG18PPME02) Dr. Mrityunjayaswamy K M Dr. B.S.Ajaykumar, KSIT, Bangalore HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings for Boiler Tube Material to Improve Resistance to Oxidation and Hot Corrosion Course work Completed
    13 Mr. Shashi Kanth Kumar (ENG18PPME03) Dr. Viswanathan R Dr. Nand Kishore Singh, DSU Enhancement in transverse strength of GFRP rebar and its interfacial bond with concrete Course work partially completed
    14 Mr. Umesh Babu G (ENG18PPME04) Dr. Mrityunjayaswamy K M Dr. Honnegowda, Reva University, Bangalore “Experimental Investigation on Effect of Biogas, Biodiesel Dual Fuel Combustion In a Direct Injection CI Engine Applications“ Course work Completed
    15 Mr. Mahesh Kumar (ENG19PPME01) Dr. Viswanathan R Dr. Kamalbabu P, DSU Optimization studies and validation of stacking sequence and orientation of hybrid laminates Course work pending


    • Research Publications

      Refereed Journals

      • H. V. Divya, H. M. Kavya, D. SaravanaBavan and B. Yogesha, Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Wood Particles Reinforced Polymer Composites, Manufacturing Science and Technology 5(2): 17-21, 2018.
      • Koushik K, Nataraj JR, Krishna M and Karthik SB, Investigation on Weldabilitybehaviour of Chromiumfree Nickel Filler with Stainless Steel AISI-304, Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences, 2018.
      • Venkatesha. B. K, R. Saravanan&D. SaravanaBavan, Mechanical Properties Of Woven Bamboo/EGlass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development, 57-66, 2018.
      • Lakshminarasimha N and M S Rajagopal, CFD Analysis of Electronic Cabinet with High power devices and Fin heat sink, Journal of Engineering Research and Application, 2018.
      • KamalbabuPeriasamy, and G. C. Mohan Kumar, TGA/DSC studies of marine coral reinforced polymer composites, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2019.
      • B.M. KrishneGowda, M.S. Rajagopal, Aswatha, K.N. Seetharamu, Heat transfer in a side heated trapezoidal cavity with openings, Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal 22, 153– 167, 2019.
      • Vijay Tambrallimath, Keshavamurthy. R & Saravanabavan. D. Thermal Conductivity of Copper Filled Polymer Composites Synthesized by FDM Process, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development, 2249-6890, 2019.
      • Vijay Tambrallimath, R. Keshavamurthy, Saravanabavan D, Praveennath G. Koppad, G.S. Pradeep Kumar, Thermal behavior of PC-ABS based graphene filled polymer nano composite synthesized by FDM process, Composites Communications 15, 129–134, 2019.
      • Rahul Kumar and Sumit Bhowmik, Quantitative probing of static and dynamic mechanical properties of different bio-filler-reinforced epoxy composite under assorted constraints, Polymer Bulletin, 1-22, 2020.
      • KailashJha and Manish Kumar Mishra, Object-oriented integrated algorithms for efficient water pipe network by modified Hardy Cross technique, Journal of Computational Design and Engineering, 7(1),56–64, 2020.

      Book Chapters

      • Rahul Kumar, Sumit Bhowmik and Rahul Jayasval, Influence of drilling parameters on the thrust force and mechanical properties of biodegradable particleboard composite panels, In: Kaushik Kumar, J. Paulo Davim (Eds) Biodegradable Composites: Materials, Manufacturing and Engineering,10, 167, Springer Publications, 2019.
      • Suresh H.N., Madhusudan N., Saravanabavan D., and Murgayya S.B. A Study on Reliability of Rotors Using XLrotor. In: Karanki D., Vinod G., Ajit S. (eds) Advances in RAMS Engineering. Springer Series in Reliability Engineering. Springer Nature Publication,2020.
      • H.N.Suresh, Madhusudan N, Saravanabavan D and Murgayya SB, Analysis of Jeffcott Rotor & Rotor with Disk using XLRotor, In: Kapur, P.K., Singh, O., Khatri, S.K., Verma, A.K. (Eds.) Title Series “Assets Analytics- Performance and Safety Management” Book Series “Strategic System Assurance and Business Analytics”, Springer Nature Publication,2020.
      • Rahul Kumar, GauravKumar and SumitBhowmik, Synthesis and Responsive Study of Tensile and Flexural Properties of Bamboo Filler Based Functionally Graded Composite. In: Biswal B., Sarkar B., Mahanta P. (eds) Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, 2020..


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