Faculty Name: Dr. M GNANA RUBA PRIYA
Designation: Asst. Professor
Experience in Years: 15.9
Area of Interest: Synthetic Chemistry: Synthesis of 4-(3H)-Quinazolinones, Synthesis of semi-synthetic derivatives from natural like menthol and thymol compounds, Synthesis of new leads from drugs like Paracetamol and INH, Analytical chemistry : Development and Method Validation Using HPLC Techinique, Insilico designing, Docking the novel molecules using Schrödinger software.
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Dr.M.Gnana Ruba Priya is currently working as Assistant professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, College of Pharmaceutical sciences, Dayananda Sagar university, Bangalore. She has around 16 years of teaching and 12 years of research experience. She has published 25 research articles in national and international journals and presented papers in various conferences. Her area of research includes Microwave Synthesis of 4-(3H)-Quinazolinone Derivatives ,Molecular Modelling and Docking studies of Novel 4-(3H)-Quinazolinone Derivatives, Evaluation of Pharmacological activity using Breast cancer (MCF 7 )cell lines.

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Seminars/ Workshops/ Conferences Attended:

  1. Poster Presentation in 64th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress in Chennai, SRM College Of Pharmacy, Chennai 2012
  2. Ist pharmaceutical science congress, Ramaiah university of applied sciences , 18th-19th march,2017, Bengaluru
  3. Indian pharmaceutical association : national convention 2017-2018, crescent institute of science and technology ,Chennai ,feb 10th-11th ,2018, Chennai
  4. National workshop on outcome based education ,april 20th and 21st ,2018,RR Institution Bangalore
  5. NAAC workshop on June 7th,8th and 9th 2019, RR Institution ,Bangalore

Other Achievements

  1. Best Poster Presentation awarded in National level Seminar
  2. Stereochemical Adventure in the Synthesis of Challenging Drug Molecules. PSG College Of Pharmacy Coimbatore , Tamilnadu 2009
  3. Best oral presentation awarded in Texa pharma virtus 12 on 3rd national conference level in November 2012
  4. Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 4-(3H)-Quinazolinones by Tandem Reaction and Evaluation of their Analgesic Activity
  5. Received Faculty UG Research Grant RGUHS 2019 Docking ,Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 4 -(3H)- Quinazolinones and invitro Antioxidant Activities.
  6. Organized One Day Workshop On Research methodology and plagiarism conducted by RR College of Pharmacy on 9th MARCH 2019


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