Automotive System Lab by ETAS (BOSCH)

Today’s automotive system is complex with the extensive use of electronics and software. As per OEMs , in present day Car, 80% innovation happens in electronics and software. Time to develop the product has reduced significantly and this requires fast development and testing of automotive function. Rapid prototype and thorough understanding of electronic control units is an essential component in the training of future engineers. ETAS (BOSCH) has developed system on which development and testing can be done in short time and the same can be used to train future engineers.

ETAS ( BOSCH) system lab comprises of

  • FlexECU-an open and economical ECU platform for the on-target system development of new control concepts. This is based on production-ready versions of Bosch’s world-class ECU hardware with microcontroller.
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop testing system -ETAS LABCAR and tools which is used for software development and testing.
  • Modeling tools to develop control model

The first objective is the development and implementation of control functions, along with their execution on the ECU.

Hardware- and Software-in the-Loop with LABCAR