NVIDIA - Boston Innovation Lab at DSU

Dayananda Sagar University is named as a GPU education center by NVIDIA, the AI computing company. As part of this collaboration, our students have access to the training material from NVIDIA on GPU computing based on CUDA as well as from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute on machine learning. This material is integrated in the curriculum. For example, Parallel Programming, High Performance Computing, Game programming in MTech CS & E curriculum are taught in NVIDIA Lab. Certificate courses are conducted on advanced topics beyond curriculum for interested students. This Lab is also provides High Performance Computing infrastructure for other courses such as Data Science, Soft computing, Graphics etc. as well as students projects in machine learning, CUDA programming as well as related domains such as Gaming, Autonomous Cars, Video Analytics etc.



Through our partnership with NVIDIA, our students and faculty also have access to computing resources on NVIDIA cloud as well as experts.

The facilities at the Lab include a new generation X9 SuperServer® 7047GR from Boston, a subsidiary of NVIDIA. It is capable of a wide variety of High Performance Computing tasks for education as well as research. It has Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v2 Family, 1TB Hard disk and 32 GB RAM. It contains NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator giving peak floating point performance of 4.29 Teraflops.

This Lab has enabled us to have one of the finest specialization on Machine Learning and High Performance computing for our students.