Faculty Name: Dr. Kalpana Divekar
Designation : Professor
Experience in Years: 26
Area of Interest: Synthesis and evaluation of Anticancer agents
Email Id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Kalpana Divekar is currently working as Professor in pharmaceutical chemistry department, college of pharmaceutical sciences, Dayananda Sagar university, Bangalore. She has around 26 years of teaching and 11 years of research experience. She has published research articles in national and international journals and presented papers in various conferences. Her area of research includes Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, Evaluation of pharmacological activity and microbial conversions of drug molecules. She is actively involved in organizing seminars and guest lectures.

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Research Papers : National/ International

  1. Kalpana Divekar, Dr.Murugan Vedigounder, Shivakumar swamy. "Synthesis and Evaluation Of Some Newer Pyrazolines As Possible Potential Antitumor Agents" . International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.2020;12 (2),671-77
  2. Rekha.S, Kalpana Divekar ,Murugan.V. Thiazolidine-4-one derivatives as human lung fibroblast oxygen free radical scavenging activity Int. Res. J. Pharm. 2020, 11 (2),46-54.
  3. KalpanaDivekar,V.Murugan,AnitaKurup,Ramasharma. Synthesis and characterization of some new oxadiazole derivatives as anticonvulsant agents. European journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical research.2018;5(9):276-81.
  4. KalpanaDivekar,EshwarReddy,BrahmaniPriyadarshiniS,R,Microbial process for the synthesis of Glucuronides of Atorvastatin and simvastatin. World Journal of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.2018;7(8):478-85.
  5. SushmaK.R, KalpanaDivekar, MaheshA.R. Selectivity of plant and Microbial Mediated Reduction of Ketones.Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy.2018;7(1):26-35.
  6. Anita kurup,IshwarHazarika,V.Murugan,KalpanaDivekar,Geetha K.M. Synthesis of novel 10-[3’-(N-Substituted Butyl)-3-Chloro-4-Fluoro]-Acridonesto target Hepatocellular Carcinoma. European journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical research.2018;5(10):293-98.
  7. ManjunathE,KalpanaDIvekar,PalakshaM.N,GajananaSangalikar,Kavitha.Synthesis,characterization and evaluation of InvivoAntiinflammatory activity Of some synthesized N-[(3,5-sub-4,5 Dihydroxyisoxazol-4-yl)Methyl] Aniline derivatives.World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences.2015;4(2):567-78.
  8. Manjunatha.N,KalpanaDivekar, Palaksha M.N. Comparative studies on synthesis of some 3,5 substituted 4,5-Dihydroisoxozole derivatives by conventional and microwave methods.International Journal of institutional Pharmacy and life sciences.2015;5(4):29-34.
  9. KalpanaDivekar,ShivakumarSwamy,V.Murugan.Synthesis,Characterization and anticancer activity of some novel pyrazoline derivatives. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research. 2014; 3 (6): 447-50
  10. KalpanaDivekar,ShivakumarSwamy,V.Murugan.Synthesis,characterization and anticancer of some Novel Pyrimidines Derivatives.International Journal of Drug Formulation and research.2014;5(5):40-49.
  11. KalpanaDivekar, MuruganVedigounder,Rama Sharma. Synthesis and characterization of some new oxadiazole derivatives as anti-inflammatory agents. . Research J. Pharm. and Tech. 2019; 12(5):2416-2420.
  12. Kalpana Divekar,Dhrmarajan T.S,Deshpande K.V,Production of Cephalexin through immobilized Xanthmonascompestrisacylase.Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences. 1994; 56(4): 126-28.
  13. Kalpana Divekar,Thampi.P.P,Deshpande K.V,Reaction kinetics studies on Enzymatic Cephalexin. IndianDrugs.2007;44( 7): 564-67.
  14. Kalpana Divekar,Murugan.V,K.M.Geetha,K.C.Makwana,K.Elango.Anti-inflammatory and Ulcerogenic activity of some new N- substituted anthranilic acid derivatives .Oriental journal of chemistry.2006; 22 (3): 659-62.
  15. Kalpana Divekar,Shivakumar Swamy,Kavita.N,V.Murugan,Manish Devgun.Synthesis and evaluation of some new pyrazole derivatives as antimicrobial agents. Research.j.pharm and Tech.2010; 3 (4):1039-44.
  16. Kalpana Divekar,Arun Kumar Dureja,V.Murugan.Synthesis and Biological evaluation of newer analogs of 2,5- disubstituted 1,3,4- oxadiazole as antioxidant and anticonvulsant agents, Pharma tutor. 2011;11.
  17. . N.V Kavitha, Kalpana Divekar, Brahmani Priyadarshini , S. Gajanan. M. Manjunath. Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of some new pyrazole derivatives.Der Pharma Chemica, 2011: 3 (4):55-62.
  18. V Murugan, S Revathi, K Sumathi, Geetha KM and Kalpana Divekar.Synthesis of Some 1 - [Bis - N, N - (2 - Chloroethyl) Aminoacetyl] - 3, 5-Disubstituted -1, 2 - Pyrazolines as Possible Alkylating Anticancer Agents. Asian J. Research Chem. 3(2); 2010; 496-499.
  19. Kalpana Divekar, Jani Hardik, S. Brahmani Priyadarshini.Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Pyrimidine Derivatives. Asian J. Research Chem. 2011; 4(1): 2011; 64-67.
  20. KalpanaDivekar, MuruganVedigounder,Rama Sharma. Synthesis and characterization of some new oxadiazole derivatives as anti-inflammatory agents. Research Journal of pharmacy and technology. 2019; 12(5); 2416-2420.

Conference papers:

  1. Chelsea P, Kalpana Divekar, V.Murugan, Geetha.K.M. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of newer analogues of 2,5-disubstituted-1,3,4-Oxadiazoles as Anticonvulsants and antitubercular agents. e-Poster Presented in National workshop on Protein Modeling and drug design :State of the art Computational tools, 13-14 th September 2019,held at J.S.S College of Pharmacy,Ooty.
  2. Chelsea P, Kalpana Divekar. Synthesis of newer molecules of oxadiazoles as anticonvulsant agents. e-Poster presented in National Seminar on Drug Delivery in Pharmaceutical Translational Research 23 rd Nov 2019,Held at Karnataka college of Pharmacy, Bangalore.
  3. Synthesis of new Pyrazolines as Possible Cytotoxic agents. KalpanaDivekar, Shivakumarswamy, V.Murugan. Asian Association Schools of pharmacy Conference at J.S.S Mysore,Oct 27-28 th 2017.
  4. Synthesis and Charecterization of some new oxadiazole derivatives as anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant agents. Asian Association Schools of pharmacy Conference at J.S.S Mysore,Oct 27-28 th 2017.
  5. Synthesis and evaluation of some pyrimidine derivatives for antihistaminic activity. Divya .M, Surinderkumarswamy,KalpanaDivekar.National conference on Current trends in bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies at J.S.S. University,Mysore,April 12-13 th,2018.
  6. Synthesis,Characterization and evaluation of Pyrazoline derivatives as antitumor agents. Anita, KalpanaDivekar, Shivakumarswamy. International conference on Drug development and clinical research, Krupanidhi college of pharmacy, Oct 12-13th,2018.
  7. Oral presentation on synthesis and Characterisation of some novel pyrimidine derivatives.at ICCSEM -2013 AT DSI on 26-27th Sept 2013.
  8. Poster presentation on at 5th Annual , KSTA Conference-19th& 20th December 2012 at Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangalore.
  9. Poster presentation on synthesis and characterization of some novel pyrazoline derivatives at 64 th IPC ,Chennai,7-9 Dec 2012.
  10. Presented a poster on synthesis of glucoronides of selected statins by microorganisms at KSTA,DSI ,2012.
  11. Presented a poster on Synthesis and characterization of some novel Pyrimidine derivatives at IPC,Bangalore,Dec 19 th 2011.
  12. Presented a poster on ‘comparative studies of microwave irradiation and classical heating of pyrazolines at Novel concepts in pharmaceutical Research, at NGSM,Nitte,Mangalore ,16-17 July,2009.


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