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Convention on Drug Discovery and Development - CDD 2023

The Convention is aimed in highlighting the latest developments field of drug discovery and development. The program will feature discussions on Pharma drug discovery, pharma industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, digital transformation with technological changes, pharma engineering and clinical. The meeting will bring together the senior executives of pharma industry making the big decisions for high-level strategic discussions that will shape the future of the drug discovery, and research.

The convention will have a gathering of all the pharmaceutical professionals and companies, students, scientists, medical specialists, clinical scientists, technologists, and other healthcare professionals to participate and speak at the convention. This global meeting is a platform where stakeholders will have a chance to discuss, access to key benefits of the upcoming sustainable and highly innovative approach in pharmaceutical technology and R&D. There would be several sessions at convention; right from opinion makes discussions, exhibition, networking with peers, to high-end conferences (including poster and oral presentation), luncheons, creating it exceptionally worthwhile. The comprehensive program agenda will include presentations from global regulatory and industry experts who will share recent case studies and current trends in the field of pharmaceutical drug discovery and research. A QA session and panel discussion will be also held.

The program will be held for 2 days and includes 7 - 8 Keynote talks with oral/poster presentations to be held for research scholars on topics like:

  • Computer aided drug design
  • AI & ML in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Synthetic and Natural Product Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical or Medicinal Chemistry
  • Cell biology & Proteomics
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Formulation and Development
  • Nanomedicine & Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
  • Clinical Trials & Case Studies
  • Translational Research & Personalized Medicine
  • Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety
  • Regulatory and Quality Management
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Pharmaceutical Research
Same time, pharma industries, bio equipment manufacturers and suppliers, clinical data management organizations, community pharmacy stores will exhibit their products and equipment at venues.

Outcome of event for pharma professional:
  • A highly interactive session with peers of global repute.
  • A hybrid networking for professionals.
  • A glimpse of technological advancements in drug discovery.
  • Scope for pharma collaboration and clinical research advancements.
  • Technical support and networking from bioanalytical equipment manufactures.

Same time, pharma industries, bio equipment manufacturers and suppliers, clinical data management organizations, community pharmacy stores will exhibit their products and equipment at venues.

Benefit of the convention:
  • The delegates will have a sight of future technology advancements in various sectors of R&D, pharma manufacturing, QA, QC, etc.
  • A platform for business exchange amongst analytical instrument manufactures, and career development amongst graduates.
  • An opportunity to interact with key stake holders to build networking & international linkage for future collaborations in their career path.
  • A venue to observe the sophisticated bio analytical instruments from leading manufactures and to interact in shaping the R&D facility.
  • An occasion for collaboration and for translation research leading to innovation and technology transfer.
  • The convention will have poster and oral presentation with due recognition for awards.
  • All proceedings and selected full length original research article will be published in Scopus indexed journal in support with Elsevier.

Convention on Drug Discovery and Development

18th – 19th October 2023,
Venue: PC Sagar Auditorium,
Dayananda Sagar University Kumaraswamy Layout,
Bengaluru - 560111
Organised by
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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