Sl. No. ACC. No. Date Title Speciality Name of the student Name of the Guide
1 D08 06.01.2018 Effects of low intensity plyometices along with core stability training to improve long jump distance in high school amateur long jump players Sports Rehabilitation Ms. Rashmi G. C. Dr. Srihari Sharma K N
2 D09 06.01.2018 Effects of transcutaneous posterior tribal nerve stimulation along with pelvic floor muscle training on bladder function and quality of life in subjects with neurogenic overactive bladders Neurosciences, Adult neurology Ms. Khushboo Singh Dr. Jimshad T. U.
3 D10 06.01.2018 A bibliometric analysis of the studies on diastasis rectiabdominis in postportum women Women's Health Ms. Ashwini D. Dr. Srihari Sharma K N
4 D11 06.01.2018 Comparision of trunk muscle activity during cross legged floor sitting in subjects with acute mechanical low back pain and normals Orthopedics Mr. Rajesh V. L. Dr. Anil T. John
5 D12 06.01.2018 Effects of prograssive muscular relaxation along with kinesio taping on pain  Orthopedics Ms. Deepika M. Dr. Anil T. John
6 D13 23.04.2019 Effects of cold water immersion and foam roling versus moist heat and foam rolling on pain range of motion in clinically include delayed onset muscles soreness on recreational body builders Musculoskeletal disorder and Sports rehabilitation Mr. Ravi Kumar Dr. Anil T. John
7 D14 23.04.2019 Efficiency of muscle energy technique on exaggerated anterior pelvic tilt in bharatanatyam dancers Musculoskeletal disorder and Sports rehabilitation Ms. B. Reddi Harini Dr. Vinod Kumar K C
8 D15 23.04.2019 Consruction and validation of self reporting mestrual disorder screening questionnaire for Indian population Women's Health Ms. Shilpa V Umarji Dr. Srihari Sharma K N
9 D16 30.06.2019 Parkinson's disease: Comparision of gait hypokinesia between forward, backward and sideways walk among freezers and non freezers Neurosciences, Adult neurology Ms. Ridhima Daga Dr.Srihari Sharma K N
10 D17 30.06.2019 Effects of epleys maneuver versus brandt daroff maneuver followed by gaze stability exercise on dizziness and vertigo in subjects with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo Neurosciences, Adult neurology Ms. Shiji Gopinath Dr. Vinod Kumar K C
11 D18 30.06.2019 Effects of extension synercy pattern on Q angle in hemiplegic strike subjects Neurosciences, Adult neurology Ms. Sanam Mainali Dr. Anil T. John
12 D19 30.06.2019 Effects of visual skill training on shot accuracy in amateur squash players Orthopedics, Sports  Mr. Abid T Y Dr. Anil T. John



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