Renuka Phadnis

Adjunct Faculty

Renuka Phadnis is a journalist with 18 happy years of writing in newspapers and magazines. The publications she has worked in are The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror (of the Times Group) and Electronics For You, a magazine. As Special Correspondent of The Hindu in Mangaluru and Bengaluru, she has seen at close quarters how newspapers work in metros and at the grassroot level.

She has reported extensively on a variety of subjects ranging from health and education to transport and technology. She has edited three magazines, Linux For You, Information Technology and ePower and has also edited a book, A Saga of Satguru Jagjit Singh ji. She revels in teaching young minds. She has a Master's in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, after a B.A (Honours) in Political Science from Delhi University. Ms Phadnis studied in St. Xavier’s School, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, and The Mother’s International School, New Delhi.