Faculty Name: Dr. RICHA SOOD
Designation : Assistant Professor
Experience in Years: 7 years
Area of Interest:
  1. Green synthesis of nanoparticles
  2. Nanocarrier Drug delivery
Email Id:
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Richa Sood, is currently working as Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics Department. She holds doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab. She has published research and review articles in national and international journals. She has contributed 2 book chapters and 1 book. Her area of interest includes synthesis of nano formulations.

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  1. Attended workshop on “Patent awareness” at Swami Vivekanand college of pharmacy, Ram Nagar, Banur in assosciation with Patent Information Centre,Punjab State Council for Science and Technology, Chandigarh on 23rdJuly, 2014 .
  2. Attended workshop on “DNA isolation and amplification through PCR,held at Sophisticated Instrument Centre (SIC), department of pharmaceutical sciences and drug research,Punjabi university,Patiala on 26-29August,2014.
  3. Attended workshop on “Modern analytical techniques in pharmaceutical sciences” held at Chitkara college of pharmacy, ChitkaraUniversity,Rajpura (Punjab) on March 3,2015.
  4. Attended preconference workshop on Qbd-enabled development of nanostructured drug delivery systems during international conference NanoSciTech 2016,held at Punjab University,Chandigarh,India on Feb 18-20,2016.
  5. Participation in the course “Novel and nanostructured drug delivery for diverse biomedical applications” organized by GIAN,held at Punjab University,Chandigarh, India from October 24-28,2016.
  6. Attended workshop on ‘Analytical techniques’ organized under CPEPA scheme of UGC in Guru nanak dev university,GNDU.from 15th to 17th January 2018
  7. Attended workshop on “Basic course in educational methodology” conducted by RGUHS in Mallige College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru on 20&21 May 2019
  8. Attended workshop on “Identification of phytoconstituents by Spectroscopic Techniques” conducted by Government college of Pharmacy, Bengaluru on 8th to 10th May2019.
  9. Participated in Research methodology workshop conducted by RGUHS, in A. Pandu Memorial Dental College, Bengaluru. on 7March 2019.

Seminar and conferences

  1. Poster presented in a national seminar on “Innovative perspectives in profession of pharmacy and biotechnology” organized by Academic and advisory research committee” at CTIPS, Jalandhar, on 23rd april,2011.
  2. Attended national seminar on “Drug discovery and networking” organized by Academic and advisory research committee” at CTIPS,Jalandhar, on 26th Aug,2011.
  3. Attended UGC sponsored national seminar on “Emerging paradigms in pharmaceutical sciences” in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research,Punjabi university,Patiala on 26 March 2014.
  4. Poster presented in PTU sponsored national seminar on “Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: current scenario and future prospects” in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research, Punjabi university, Patiala on 24April 2014.
  5. Poster presentation on “Antimicrobial properties:Targets and applications” in the International seminar on “Nanotherapeutics and crystal engineering: Challenges and future perspectives” in department of pharmaceutical sciences and drug research, Punjabi University on 08 February,2016.
  6. Poster presentation on “Ecofriendly and greener approach for synthesizing nanoparticles” in the international conference NanoSciTech 2016 held at Punjab University,Chandigarh,India on February 18-20,2016.
  7. Poster presentation on “Metal-plant frameworks in nanotechnology” in the International conference Nano SciTech 2017 held at Punjab University, Chandigarh, India on Nov9-10,2017.
  8. Poster presented on “Optimization of reaction conditions to fabricate Ocimum Sanctum synthesized silver nanoparticles and its application to nanogel systems for burn woundin 69th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, in Chitkara University on 22nd -24th December2017.
  9. Attended national seminar on “Quality by design in Pharmaceutical Development” in Mallige College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru on 11th April 2019.
  10. Attended national seminar on “Recent advances in nanotechnology” in Mallige College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru on 13th April 2019.


  1. Sood R, Chopra DS. Metal–plant frameworks in nanotechnology: an overview. Phytomedicine 2017a., 50, 148-156.
  2. Sood R, Chopra DS. Optimization of reaction conditions to fabricate Ocimum sanctum synthesized Silver nanoparticles and its application to nano-gel systems for burn wounds. Materials Science and Engineering: C.2018;92, 575-589.
  3. Sood R, Chopra DS. Improved Yield of Green Synthesized Crystalline Silver. Nanoparticles with Potential Antioxidant Activity. International Research Journal of Pharmacy. 2017b. 8, 100–104.
  4. Rawal S, Sood R, Mahajan N, et al. Current status and future prospects for tuberculosis. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. 2010; 1, 128-134.
  5. Sood R, Rathore MS. Drugs Affecting Renin –Angiotensin System in hypertension.3, 887-893. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences. 2012; 3, 887-893.
  6. Sood R, Rathore MS. Thakur R, et al. Immediate Release Antihypertensive Valsartan oral tablet: A Review, Journal of Scientific Research in Pharmacy.2012; 1, 20-26.
  7. Beri CL, Sood R, Gupta A. Stomach specific Mucoadhesive microspheres as controlled drug delivery system-A review. International. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.2013; 5, 21-26.
  8. Web publications – A) Colouring agents used in food products. B) The renin-angiotensin system: Role of valsartan as angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs).

Book Chapter

  1. Chopra DS, Singh B, Sood R, Kaur R, Kaul A (2015).Radiolabelling of nanoparticles for in vivo imaging and biodistribution analysis. Published by Studium Press LLC, USA in Volume 3: Nanotheranostics of the Series "Nanobiomedicine" edited by Professor Bhupinder Singh.
  2. Chopra DS, Kaur R and Sood R (2015), Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution of Nanoparticles Published by McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited, New Delhi in Nanotechnology: Novel Perspectives and Prospects edited by Professor Bhupinder Singh


  1. Sood R, Chopra DS. Role of Silver nanoparticles in burn wound sepsis. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN no. 978-620-0-26184-7 (2019).


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